Lecturer Escapes Police Gun Shots


A lecturer at the Federal College of Education, Akoka, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Mrs. Abimbola Bankole, escaped being killed by a Police Inspector, Gabriel Akpan, attached to Railway Police Station, Elewedu, Mushin, Lagos on Wednesday.

P.M.NEWS learnt that Mrs. Bankole was driving her Toyota Avalon car when the police inspector shot at her but missed his target.

Narrating her experience, Mrs. Bankole said: “I was driving towards Jibowu from Ojuelegba. At a point, the traffic light was green and when it turned red, I found myself on the rail line. As I tried to reverse my car, there was no space and suddenly the police inspector brandishing a rifle, ordered me to open my door and I refused because I did not know him and I was scared.

“As I tried to park, he shot at me and missed his target. When I eventually parked my car I came down to ask him what offence did I commit.

“He told me to surrender my car key. Then suddenly, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in charge of the station, Alhaja Bello, stormed the scene to take me to the station alongside owners of about 10 other vehicles.

“At the station the police inspector lied that I drove dangerously; that I wanted to kill a police officer (referring to himself) and I was told to write my statement, which I did. Thereafter, he boasted that he would take me to court.

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“All other people whose cars were also impounded were later allowed to go, on what condition, I did not know.”

An eye witness, who gave his name as Deola Akanni, said: “ The Police Inspector, Akpan, is a wicked man. This woman (Mrs. Bankole) was so lucky. If he had killed her, he would have blamed it on accidental discharge.”

One of the residents in the area, Kabiru Asimiyu, said: “ I can never allow my children to join the police force. Most of them bring shame to us and when you try to correct them, you are in trouble. They thought if they did that to the woman, she would bring out money to beg them.”

When P.M. NEWS reporters called at the station following the incident, the DPO, Alhaja Bello and Inspector Akpan threatened to shoot at them.

—Oluwole Adeboye

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