Ndigbo Needs Cleansing


 Evangelist Chinanuekpere Fakas, a graduate of History and International Studies from Lagos State University (LASU), is the National coordinator of Igbo Praying Network Organisation known as Arm of World Igbo Hebrew Federation. He told SUNDAY AKINTOYE about what God told him concerning Igbo race


What is your organisation all about?

It is a spiritual organisation on which the God of the Hebrews gave a prophetic message to give to Ndigbo and with divine mandate to pray for total spiritual, economic, social and political restoration of Ndigbo.

What message is that?

The prophetic message is of the past, present and future. The past is about what God had happened to Ndigbo as a people, the present is about what is happening now, while the future is about what will happen to them.

Can you tell us more about this message?

Ndigbo know what has happened to them and what is happening to them now but they don’t know the cause. God has given a prophecy that what will happen to Ndigbo in future will be bigger than what happened to them in the past and now.

What has actually happened to Ndigbo in the past and what is happening to them now?

A lot has happened to my people in the past politically. We were marginalised totally and treated as second class citizen of this country. My people cannot hold key positions in this country despite our contribution to its economic growth. We suffered greatly during the civil war and since then, things have not been going on well for Ndigbo. Presently, our mandate has been given to another tribe which is unfortunate. If my people can turn from their wicked ways and pray to God, all their expectations will be met accordingly.

How are you sending the prophetic message to Ndigbo?

The message is already being sent through audio CD recorded in English and Igbo languages entitled God’s Message To Ndigbo, The Hebrews Of Nigeria, volume 1. Other volumes will follow later. We are also sending the message through written materials.

You called Ndigbo the Hebrews of Nigeria, are they Hebrews?

Ndigbo are Hebrews by divine revelation through the Bible and by historical findings. As a matter of truth, Ndigbo lost every knowledge of their Hebrew origin and they have paid and are still paying painful price for it. But God, in his infinite mercy, has decided to restore the knowledge of their Hebrew origin through the programmes of Igbo Praying Network Organisation (Arm of World Igbo-Hebrew Federation).

Can you tell our readers more about the programmes?

We do organise Igbo-Hebrew Heritage Conference on the last Saturday of every month and Igbo-Hebrews Covenant Day of Prayer every first and second Thursdays of the month. In the conference, Ndigbo are given good knowledge of their Hebrew origin and in the covenant day of prayer, they pray to receive their Abrahamic covenant heritage blessings both as individuals and as a nation. We also have a special covenant programme where every Ndigbo is given opportunity to sow covenant seed of blessing which will be remitted to the Hebrew ancestral land of Israel and few selected Igbo will travel there to plant Igbo-Hebrew heritage memorial olive tree to stand as memorial for Ndigbo.

Where do you organise your monthly conference and prayer?

God directed us to organise it at Ukpor Civic Centre located at Ago-Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.

Why are don’t you do that in the South East where Igbo are dominant?

God gave the vision in Lagos, but the effect will soon be felt in the South East and every country where Ndigbo are residing.

Any advice to Ndigbo in the Diaspora in regard to this vision?

God said I should tell my people as individuals and a nation to read the book of 2 Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14 that says: “If my people (referring to Ndigbo) which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” God has warned that Ndigbo, as a people, will face greater injustice, hatred, persecution, marginalisation and individual crisis in future if they fail to return to Him by prayer of repentance. God also told me that the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo should gather Igbo religion leaders, political leaders and traditional rulers together and agree to set a day in a year aside to be known as Igbo National Day of Prayer and failure to do this, the anger and wrath of God is coming against them. This is a divine advice and warning.

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