LASAA Warns Against Pasting Of Political Posters


Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) says it will continue to pursue the existing zero tolerance policy concerning the indiscriminate pasting of posters in the state, including for electioneering purposes.

In a statement issued today, the agency warned that this notification should serve as a reminder to all political parties, political aspirants, their campaign teams and numerous supporters in the forthcoming local government election to refrain from the indiscriminate use of posters in Lagos State.

“Early this year, LASAA issued a public statement to all local government aspirants as well as other members of the public involved in the act of pasting of posters, to desist immediately,” the new Managing Director of the agency, George Noah, said in the statement.

“Despite our several appeals and warnings, we have noticed an increasing trend in this ignoble act. To this end, we wish to restate our commitment to our earlier directive to the effect that posters will not be allowed within unauthorised places. These are high streets, highways, major roads, loops of bridges, pillars and triangulars.

“LASAA has commenced the arrest of persons/offenders found pasting posters in the state. Posters are only allowed within designated zones namely: walls of public schools, public hospitals and stadia. The guidelines published by the agency before the last general elections of April 2011 still subsists.

“We wish to re-emphasise our preparedness to collaborate with all political parties, politicians, campaigners and supporters in achieving a smooth electoral exercise.”

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