Muslim Nurses Hold Ramadan Lecture


The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Muslim Nurses Forum, has held its 4th annual Ramadan lecture.

The guest lecturer at the event was Alhaji Bashir Femi Umar, Chief Imam of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria.

He spoke on the topic, ‘Deadly Vices:Zero-Eigth-Zero,’ which he described as the essence of life and ephemeral existence of man on earth.

He explained that a human being was nothing before its creation, “will go through eight different experiences in life and will go back to his creator with nothing.”

“Man emanated from nothing and he will go through eight different life experiences which include: ignorance, knowledge, good health, ill health, joy, sorrow, congregation and death, and go back to his creator empty handed.

Ignorance, according to the islamic cleric, is the early stage of life when nobody knows happening around him/her and subsequently grow up to seek for knowledge.

He said man will experience good health which is expected to be used positively to worship Allah, which failure to do so will lead to regret on the day of judgment and at the same time ill health.

“Man will experience joy in his/her life in form of house warming, graduation, promotion, child naming and sorrow which may also come in different form. Man will equally experience congregation. At one time or the other in our lives, we will be in the midst of the people and alone in the grave when we might have died.

“This life is so ephemeral. We came into it with nothing, we will experience eight different experience and go back with nothing. Therefore, all our activities on earth should be seen in the light of worshipping Allah.

“We are not created for the fun of it but to glorify the almighty Allah and not abuse the opportunity of our existence,” he urged.

—Jamiu Yisa

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