If This Democracy Fails, Hold OBJ Responsible —Ayeni


A representative of Oshodi/Isolo Constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Lawrence Ayeni, has called on Nigerians to wake up from their docility and focus on how their leaders govern them.

He also asked them to hold former President Olusegun Obasanjo responsible if this democratic dispensation fails.

This, according to him, is because the country is still suffering from the mistakes the former president made while in office from 1999 to 2007.

Not out of those mistakes yet, Obasanjo, he said, has continued to rule through his stooge.

Ayeni, who says he is scared of the Nigeria’s future following the gloomy situation in the country which is further heightened by the growing rate of unemployment, added that rather than for the current President, Goodluck Jonathan, to begin with solutions to problems left by past corrupt leaders, he has decided to deviate from his promise to the nation.

He said Obasanjo has never been a democrat and that his party had never had plans for Nigeria.

According to Ayeni, when Jonathan promised free and fair elections in the country, Nigerians were happy, but the recent happenings in the judiciary has proven that the President is a hypocrite who cannot stand by his words.

He said he often asks himself where the country is heading because he foresees anarchy which would be provoked by the People’s Democratic Party-led government. He explained that the opposition could only do a little as the PDP controls both the centre and the National Assembly.

Ayeni, who would on 1 September inaugurate a branch of his foundation in Osun State, said one of the solutions to the country’s threatening unemployment situation is for government to focus on its promise on power rather than pursue other anti-Nigerian agenda like the six-year single term for some elected public officials.

“Government ministries have been over stretched. The small scale business owners are also closing shop because most of them are artisans who depend on electricity to function. It is painful.

“On the average, I spend N3,000 on fuel for my generating set daily and this amounts to N90,000 in a month. How many Nigerians can afford that? I am seriously scared of all the man-made problems bedevilling this country,” he bemoaned.

He thanked the youths of the country for their patient so far and appealed that they should help forestall good governance in the country through playing active roles in the electoral process.

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