We Must Respect Families Of Our Stars


 Former imagemaker of the Nigerian Football Association, NFA, Austin Mgbolu, spoke on the exit of the Flying Eagles at the quarter final of the just concluded World Youth Championship, WYC, the abduction of John Mikel Obi’s dad and other issues in Nigerian football


How do you feel about the quarter final exit of the Flying Eagles at the just concluded FIFA U-20 World Cup?

The boys played their heart out, put in their best, but their best was not good enough to qualify for the final. They crashed out because of the tactical incompetence of the bench. Nigeria has gone beyond going to WYC for the sake of just participating, but winning the championship. Nigeria had reached final of this championship on two occasions, if the team could not surpass previous records, at least they should have equaled it. This is the team that were prepared in the best way. Winning team does not lose focus, their doom started in Panama, where they conceded six goals and scored only one goal.

The moment they got comprehensive winnings against Guatemala and Croatia, people started praising the team. The coaches should go back to class room and upgrade their knowledge in the game.

What is your reaction to Mikel Obi’s father abduction?

It was a bad omen for Nigerian football. It sent a wrong signal to the world. Mikel’s dad needs special protection and esteem from the society, Commissioner of Police and federal government should rise against this trend. This is the boy that has been putting in his best for the country, if drastic action is not taking, this will be extended to other football stars in the country.

Henrietta Okigbe was just appointed as team cordinator for the Super Falcons, how do you feel about this appointment?

Kudos to the NFF. The appoint is a good omen to Nigerian football and a welcome development. This kind of appointment would bring rapid development to the female football. Henrietta’s commitment to the female football cannot be over emphassied. Maigari’s administration should bring credibility back to the nation’s football by appointing people with good ideas into the helms of affair.

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