'Why Justice Salami Is Being Persecuted'


A member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Olusegun Olulade, has expressed dismay over the shoddy handling of the case against Justice Ayo Salami which led to his eventual removal as the President of the Court of Appeal.

Olulade, who said he had continued to wonder why the President decided to support an illegality, said Salami’s sack was beyond the mere reason for which he was suspended.

“Basically, it was because he was against the powers that be, he stood for the truth and justice. He also stood for the common man on the street. That is the reason they are victimising him.

“We should not forget that Justice Ayo Salami brought in sanity through the tribunal judgements during the elections. With all these, he definitely became a target for those who did not want peace in the country.

He said the whole drama started a few months ago when Salami was first promoted to the Supreme Court against due process.

His refusal, according to him, was another issue that got those in power confused and made them to re-strategise.

“It is also shameful that President Jonathan does not know what the country wants and so, he is acting with impunity, forgetting that he would leave there soon.

“For the President to commit an illegality of this magnitude, he should go ahead and resign. It is good governance Nigerians need and not what we are currently seeing with the politicisation of the lives of the common man,” he said, while commending members of the Nigerian Bar Association for their actions so far since the incident happened.

He also called on Nigerians to fight against the injustice as Salami’s removal is not just a sectional issue but a national one.

“We are not going to carry arms, but we would fight intelligently and put a stop to these actions of the President,” he emphasised.

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