Benjamin 'G' Back


In 2000, Benjamin G returned from his base in Japan, took a look at the scene, sat down and wrote a script. In 2001, the script began to play out when he stormed the scene with the critically acclaimed Sweet Love, which inspired top notch videos that practically lit up the scene.

At a time when the industry was begging for action, his appearance on the scene instantly provided a breath of fresh air and his videos, complete with king-size charisma and stage presence, quickly set a new standard in video production, consequently, his profile hit the ceiling, while his fan base witnessed an astronomical rise until 2003, when he dropped another song, Ehi (Destiny). This was consolidated with Sweet Love. Due to deficiency in the industry, both songs could not engender success.

In 2004, Benjamin G took a break from music, returned to Japan to raise his kids and shoulder his fatherly responsibilities.

While in Japan, he continued to polish and perfect his art, playing big time gigs and concerts as well as engaging in different music production pursuits, specialising in music mastering sound reinforcement, an area where his services have been in great demand both in Japan and Nigeria.

After a seven-year hiatus, the maestro is back to take the position he left and which has remained vacant. His return is not unconnected with pressure from friends, colleagues, and fans, especially his mentor, the iconic Felix Lebarty, whose old classic, One Life, provides the ingredients for the new single of the same title which has won the hearts of the few privileged ones who has listened and seen the videos.

One Life is a dance hall-flavoured song which will represent the lead single in his forthcoming third studio album on which work has reached an advanced stage.

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