The Wickedness Of Man




Africa is one continent that is well known for communal living. In the African continent, especially Nigeria, it is believed that no single person owns a child and this makes the raising of a child the responsibility of everyone in a community. I remember growing up and having my aunts and uncles discipline us whenever we went wrong even in the presence of my parents.

The story is different in today’s Nigeria because everyone is concerned when it has something to do with them. We are busy minding just our own business without thinking of how the next person survives. I remember walking into a shop sometime last week where I went to buy clothes for my children and doing something that was touching to the shop owner.

As I walked into this shop, I noticed the shop owner was somehow disturbed. A very pretty woman, but she wasn’t just herself when I entered, she was deep in thought. Meeting her for the first time, I just did my shopping and left. I was still in the complex when she called me about half an hour later for a refund. I overpaid her, but I just didn’t want to drag it with her when she wrongly counted the money thrice.

I had to forfeit the money because I really felt her burden. I later sent her a message showing concern and asking if she could share whatever it is with me, she did and was very much relieved after our discussion. This is what Nigerians were known for, but we have suddenly lost this wonderful culture because we are trying to be more western than the white man. Everyone now cares about his or her own self and that is why we have people dying around us, but we are too busy to remember them.

I am not here to talk about children today, but about the evil that is eating deep into our society; men are now selfish towards their own blood. Isn’t it surprising that many of our so-called big men enjoy so much affluence and wealth while their parents and relations live like dogs? These men live in mansions in the cities, but when you see their relations, they are nothing to write home about.

A lot of these men are into some occultist things and because they know their sources of wealth, they are not ready to let another person succeed after the high price they paid for riches and fame. When you see a man who is ready to take you out and spend N200,000 on food and drinks but will never give you N20,000 for transport back home, there is something about his source of wealth. Some of these ones will never spend the money on their children and wives, but in their compound are different ranges of choice rides. Someone is feeling bad now, but I can’t help saying the truth.

Haven’t you seen relations of very prominent men die as a result of neglect? Some of them have their parents living in abject poverty. There are men who are ready to do anything to stop the progress of any other person in their family. They do this because they want them to forever bow to them.

Some of these relations have families to take care of, but instead of the man setting him up in a good business, he employs his elder brother as a driver and shouts at him whenever he likes, after all, he is the boss, but what a shameful thing to do! Some keep their brothers and pay them peanuts as salaries just to ruin their future.

I recently got a mail that led me into writing this article. The sender narrated his ordeal in the hands of his brother. A boy with great vision for his life was kept at a standstill by his own blood brother. After graduation, he started working and overseeing his brother’s business and he did it so well that the man told him not to go for another job, but he should remain with him while they processed his papers for further education abroad.

This young man completely trusted his blood brother to the point that when his immediate elder sister who lived abroad was to send N500,000 as her own contribution to his education, it was sent to the elder brother who promised to add N1 million to it. Today, the young man is in Nigeria in search of a job as the brother withheld everything and destroyed his educational pursuit.

While we were on this, a friend told me his own story. This man, some years back, had his own blood brother do everything he could to stop him from getting a contract and when they were on the verge of paying him, the same brother asked that the money be paid into his account.

Some men are not as bad as their wives. A good number of women are semi-devils and once they enter the man’s life, every other thing becomes history. Their wives want to be the only respected lolo in the whole family with every other woman coming to bow at her feet every morning. Some brothers are very close today just because they are not married. It is only when you get married and have children that your true character comes out and this is why you should be careful in your choice of a life partner.

Many rich men today have their servants living as beggars. They are so heartless that even when they want to discard some old clothes, they look for people outside their house or better still, set them on fire because they have this mentality that someone is going to use them for juju. Your problem is that you are involved in those filthy things and that is why you always have it at the back of your mind, ‘all things are pure to the pure’. The poor driver is there watching his oga do great things for women and people outside his home while the man dies of hunger.

I know of a man in this Lagos, whose house help feeds only on left over. The wicked wife packs left over, keeps them in the fridge and that is the only thing the help is permitted to eat until it is finished. This same man told his driver to go and buy a cooking stove and food stuff for himself if his salary is not enough for his feeding.

As a Christian, I know the Holy Bible says if you don’t treat your helps well, He will cause your own children to become orphans. When are we going to start thinking good of other people? When are you going to stop doing those things you usually do against another’s prosperity? Why do you go out of your way to say terrible things against your own brother and friend just because you don’t want him to be better? When are you going to stop giving to people just because you are getting something in return?

A very popular Nigerian rich man, who is a well known philanthropist, has his servants go through hell all because of the wicked wife he has. This woman feed her dogs with a cow every week, but the drivers have no right to ask for food. I would advise men to try and look for a woman who loves hospitality, but when you have one of those heartless ones in your home, please look for a way to be sure your servants are comfortable.

It is time you make a change and stop doing things for political reasons. Stop this attitude of trying to be the only rich one in the family. Think of the poor ones around you and help them, not just keeping them as slaves for life, but using your influence to make life better for them.

I wept sometimes this week when I saw, on Lagos Television, a five-year old boy with a hole in the heart. After the mother narrated their ordeal, the innocent boy personally begged Nigerians not to let him die. I keep wondering why our rich men and women are not given to hospitality. They only give for publicity and would rather spend the money in promoting immorality than using it to save the life of the little boy.

That your servant or staff have been with you for long, it is time you set him free. He was not created just to serve you all his life, you should be nice enough to look at him and show some appreciation. I heard of one the bank MDs who told his staff to do everything possible not to be under him after seven years; this is a man with a heart of gold.

While other employers want their staff to be their slaves for life, this exceptional boss is pushing his employees to fulfil destiny. It is a thing of pride and joy for your staff to learn from you and grow to become a better person and while there is a bank MD who hates his workers once he sees them wearing his kind of shirt, this good man wants his own staff to excel. We didn’t bring anything into this world and the moment we close our eyes in death, we lose touch with everything.

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