Nigerian Prostitutes Flood Mecca


The Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Garba Aminchi, has raised alarm over the influx of Nigerian girls into Saudi Arabia for prostitution.

Aminchi who was fielding questions from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on Sunday said already about three different syndicates that specialised in trafficking young girls into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been smashed.

He said some members of the syndicates and their victims were apprehended and deported to Nigeria after serving various prison terms in Saudi Arabia.

The ambassador stated that some of the arrested girls were not even Muslims but they were answering Muslim names to further deceive the security agencies.

He noted that Saudi Arabia was attracting prostitutes from Nigeria because of the erroneous belief that prostitution was a booming venture in the Kingdom.

“It’s really booming particularly here in Jeddah, there was a time they even called our attention that there are some Nigerians roaming the streets as `good evening girls.’ They said Nigerians, I said `No’.

“They said if you want to give us one week we will bring them with their passports.

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“Surprisingly, when they brought them with their passports, they don’t even understand the language we were speaking. Wallahi. They are being brought in just to get money; very disturbing; very alarming.’’

The ambassador, however, noted that criminal activities by Nigerians in the Kingdom in recent times had drastically reduced by about 50 percent.

He identified the introduction of the E-Passport by the Nigeria Immigration Service and the deliberate change of negative attitudes by a good number of Nigerians as main factors responsible for the reduction in criminal behaviour of some Nigerians in the Kingdom.

“From the intelligence we have received from both Saudi and our own people here in our missions, we notice that most of the crimes that normally occurred during Umrah and Hajj had reduced by more than 50 percent.

“That shows a remarkable increase in the good behaviour of Nigerians particularly the Muslims who normally come here to perform Umrah.

“So, this is a welcome development and I will like to call on all Nigerians to continue to behave in the normal way, according to international standard and any wrong doing will really tarnish the image of our country which we are trying always to protect.’’

Aminchi enjoined Nigerians to continue to exhibit the virtues of self discipline, honesty and patriotism to enhance the good image of Nigeria abroad.

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