Lagos ACN Seeks Quick Overhaul Security System


In the light of the bombing of the United Nations Office in Abuja, the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has warned that if concerted efforts are not made to re-organise and adequately equip the country’s security system, the country would be sliding into total anarchy.

The party says its position is informed by the reality that, in its present state and given the easy manner the country’s security system is compromised, Nigerians are in grave danger if nothing is done to re-organise the country’s security to tackle the many challenges facing it.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says it is tired of the unrealised promises of catching up with the bombers after every incident.

It said that this is an emergency that needs clear headed expertise and proper and adequate security funding to arrest and the Federal Government must rise up to this urgent demand.

“We are beginning to suspect that these endless, unfulfilled promises of catching the perpetrators of security breaches in the country are becoming rather mechanical and not aimed at solving this great problem. With each case of bombing and other serious security breaches, the Federal Government has responded with the same vow of nabbing the perpetrators until another incident happens and this has eroded confidence and faith in the ability of the Federal Government and the security organs to protect Nigerians.

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“We have insisted that for the country to arrest this great threat to peace and security in the country, there must be a necessary reorganisation of the country’s security and adequate funding of its operations to ensure they become effective in not only arresting the perpetrators of these ceaseless incidents but also prevent occurrence. We regret that such advice has been taken lightly and the country is being exposed to the worst security challenges we have experienced in a long time.

“Lagos ACN wants to state, for emphasis, that the country’s security sector is riddled with incompetence, corruption, under-funding and so many other shortfalls that have shackled it from meeting the security needs of the people. This is the reason it has proven grossly ineffective to deal with the bombing problems as well as other security breaches that afflict the country and its citizens at present.

“We therefore call for the complete re-organisation of the Nigerian security system as they involve personnel, training, funding and expertise. We believe that a conscious effort could be made to ensure the Nigerian security system adopts intelligence gathering as a top priority, especially at this time when Nigerians are so unsure of their safety and feel very vulnerable.

“We demand for a clear, affirmative action on the part of the Federal Government, to the security of lives and properties of Nigerians to ensure the country is not continually exposed to these dangerous incidents. While we condemn the incessant bombing incidents, we want to state that it is the duty of the Federal Government to secure this country for every Nigerian and it must do everything to ensure it provides this essential service to the people.”

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