Desertions in Jos as Calm Returns


After a renewed clash between Muslims and Christians at Rukuba Road Monday afternoon in Jos, Plateau State , a seeming atmosphere of relative calm appears to have returned to the crises prone city.

The bloody clash, which left no fewer than 20 people dead and several others seriously injured, P.M.News gathered, happened when the members of the Izala sect based in Jos moved to the Rukuba Road mosque to pray after observing their 30- day fasting.

From findings,prior to yesterday’s clash , the Muslims have been warned by some Christian youths in the area against praying in the mosque, but they refused and instead requested for a security shield from the Special Task Force in the state to observe the Eid prayers’.

It was their insistence and alleged backing of the STF that provoked the Christian youths ,who attacked the Izala members while on procession to the mosque.

It took a swift response from the personnel of Special Task Force to stop what might have degenerated into a state of lawlessness. The soldiers shot sporadically into the air. But the warning shots didn’t deter the irate youth who were bent on killing those they described as ‘stubborn muslims’ .

Though the crisis later spread to Farin Gada and Kabon areas within Jos , a combined team of armed police and soldiers averted further spread.

However, fears of possible reprisal attacks in other parts of the state, have made many residents and students to start moving out of the state.

The Jema’atu Nasir Islam spokesman , Barrister Sani Mudi who spoke to P.M.News via phone today, blamed porous security in the for frequent killings and crises in the state.

According to him, muslims in Jos cannot celebrate sallah because of fears of attack. “This is the ugly situation we found ourselves”. Mudi stated

By Femi Adi/Kaduna

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