Cleric Seeks Total Liberation For Africa


The General Overseer of Global Success Ministry, Dr Emmanuel Chima Okereke, has declared his intention to assist in the liberation of Africa.

Speaking during a rally by members of his church at the Global Success Holy Ghost Arena, beside Festac Link Bridge, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Okereke, in company of notable Christian clerics, Muslim scholars and media men, said he had a vision that one day, the African continent will be liberated and rise to realise its full potential.

He said Africa is blessed with abundant human and natural resources, noting that being a land situated on the south of the Mediterranean Sea, on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean and on the west of the Indian Ocean, the continent boasts of great endowment from mother nature. He, however, expressed regrets that the continent is presently living on foreign and local aids.

The cleric decried a situation whereby basic amenities are lacking in most countries on the continent despite the practice of democracy in such countries.

Okereke said the solution to the problem is for the African Union(AU) to wake up and defend its cause, which, according to him, would make posterity count on the leaders for their actions in the interest of their fellow Africans.

The general overseer of Global Success Church, therefore, called on the United Nations (UN) to wake up to the challenges as lives are constantly been wasted in Africa.

He said the UN should rise as they have done in many places to help ensure that the desires of Africans are met, adding, “Africans are dying daily; I believe something could be done. Let the UN stir the AU into action and come up with reform programmes that are far better than a revolution.”

To actualise the objective, the cleric announced the birth of African Liberation and Development Programme, being championed by the Success Family Values Initiative similar to that spearheaded by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the Unted States founded by Martin Luther King Jnr and others in 1957.

Accoding to him, the African Development Movement, ADM, a pressure group, would among other things seek to alleviate poverty in Nigeria and other African countries; stimulate non-violent, direct mass action to expose and eliminate poverty associated with bad governance.

Okereke said the ADM would help to ensure that Africans enjoy their fundamental rights, adding that the movement would form groups to facilitate poverty alleviation and development campaigns in African countries.

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