Handsworth Resume Training


Handsworth FC will resume training on Monday at the Technical College, Agidigbin, Ikeja, Lagos.

The club went on break after the management sacked 20 players for their gross misconduct in the last few months.

Team Manager of the club, Tajudeen Olasunkanmi, said the management has recruited 15 players and they are expected to resume training on Monday.

“We are expecting full house on Monday, both the new players and the old ones. We are yet to decide if we will reconsider the sacked players. We need to take our time before we rescind our decision on them,” he said .

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Olasunkanmi said there will be an interactive session with the new players, where they will be informed about the rules and regulations of the club.

He disclosed to GSM that they club will come out with its latest rules and regulations, aying any player that is not comfortable with the new code of conduct is free to leave.

“We have observed that club can only be successful if its players are disciplined. What happened to us in the Federations Cup and some of the recent football competitions we played showed that some of our players have no discipline. We needed to sack them and get new replacements,” he said.

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