I Want To Develop Ikorodu North


 Having joined the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, from inception, Hon. Sesan Odueyingbo has supported the party in Nigeria and abroad, particularly in South Africa where he was an active member in Diaspora, and has campaigned for party members since 1999. In this interview with Political Platform, Odueyingbo speaks of his ambition to become the next chairman of Ikorodu North Council.


Why do you want to become chairman?

My motive for seeking to be chairman comes from my passion for Ikorodu. I want to contribute my quota to the development of my people and my area in general. There is a lot to do and I believe that I will try as much as possible to do my own bit to ensure that development in the community is rapid to consolidate what Governor Fashola is doing at the state level.

What programmes do you have in mind to execute in the community?

Ordinarily, when you look at transformation, the first thing you have in mind is improving the revenue of the LCDA. This will help me realise the goals that I have set, these will help me transform the local government. Transformation is something that is deep and could require overhauling a programme or starting up your own policy to achieve transformation. It also spans over a long period of time because man, machine and money are involved. We hope to involve the people as much as possible so that they can be part of this transformation. It’s important to involve people because when you are gone there are people with the ability to continue and consolidate on what you have begun, just as I intend to consolidate on the works of the governor and past leaders of Ikorodu North.

How do you intend to generate funds?

I intend to explore the revenue that could be derived from the LCDA. The small-scale companies and industries should be made to pay tax in line with state directives. I intend to encourage the people to do small-scale businesses. This will be an indirect means for the council to invest and get the funds back with interest. The revenue accruing to the local government from the state must be used judiciously.

Your manifesto talks about improving healthcare, ICT, education, infrastructure and empowerment. How do you want to achieve these?

My major concern in my first three months in office is to set an agenda fashioned towards empowering the people as much as possible. This will encourage a high level of independence. I will engage the youths in vocational training as well. Many of our youths have expressed their desire to become barbers, hairdressers, tailors, carpenters etc. We have a lot of semi-illiterate youths and we must encourage them to pursue their dreams. Most of the citizens of Ikorodu North are not entirely literate and we intend to encourage them with what they intend to pursue. The aged and widows are also a concern. These women are so prudent that when you empower them with N5,000 they will utilise it adequately. Healthcare is very important to my administration and in my manifesto, I have said that wards and zones with over 1,000 will get a medical centre. Maternity centres are also important for pregnant women.

What are your core values?

I am moved by passion and having looked at what is obtainable in Lagos State, I intend to translate the dividend of democracy to Ikorodu. I hope to provide good roads, potable water and other infrastructure.

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