Motorists React To Introduction Of Auto Inspector


Mixed reaction is still trailing the launching of an auto-inspector into the Lagos State transport system, as more motorists react to the introduction of the device.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that an auto-inspector is a device for remote verification of vehicle documents without disrupting traffic.

The device, launched on August 3 by the state government, also eliminates face-off between traffic officers and motorists as motorists with valid documents are not accosted by the officers.

It also determines the status of vehicle documents by remotely downloading information about a vehicle from a central server once the information is fed into it by traffic managers.

However, the device is operational only on vehicles registered in Lagos.

A motorist, Mr. Reuben Oyeniyi, told NAN on Sunday that the introduction of auto-inspector had reduced traffic congestion.

Oyeniyi noted that manual inspection of vehicle documents by traffic officers had always caused traffic congestion due to arguments between motorists and the officers which sometimes led to assaults.

A commercial bus operator, Mr. Fatai Awopetu, expressed the hope that the device would not be targeted only at commercial vehicles operators, who, he claimed, were constantly harassed by law enforcement agents.

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“Law enforcement agents indiscriminately arrest us more than other motorists because they feel we flout traffic rules more than others, given our background,” he said.

However, Awopetu’s colleague, who identified himself simply as Jude, expressed fear that the device could be a strategy to eliminate commercial vehicles from the roads.

Jude, who plies the Mile 12-CMS route, told NAN that all commercial vehicles in Lagos State were registered in the commercial centre and that their constant arrest would frustrate the operators.

“All commercial buses are registered here, and if through the use of the device 75 percent of us are arrested daily and we cannot afford to pay the fines, then most of us will drop out of the business,” he said.

A motorist, Mrs. Janet Ayoade, cautioned against selective application of the device.

She claimed that traffic agents could use the device to punish their perceived enemies and favour their erring friends and associates through selective application.

“If a motorist has issues with any of the law enforcement agents, the device can be an instrument of revenge as such a motorist’s car could be tracked.”

She advised that motorists arrested through the use of the device should be allowed to defend themselves.

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