Doctor Warns Pregnant Women Against Spicy Foods


Expectant mothers should knock off spicy and fatty foods from their menu list to avoid heartburn, a gynaecologist, Dr. Fred Achem, has advised.

Achem told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that heartburn, also called “acid indigestion” could be an irritation or burning sensation of the oesophagi, causing pain and discomfort.

“In pregnancy, heartburn occurs due to changing hormones that affect the muscles of the stomach, thereby allowing the acids in the stomach to move back up to the oesophagi or food pipe.”

According to him, hormones associated with pregnancy can also cause heartburn due to relaxation of the muscular valves.

Achem explained that an irritation of the food pipe could lead to heartburn, adding that there was no adverse effect on the growing uterus..

He stated that it could occur in the early stage of pregnancy, and also in the third trimester, when the growing uterus puts pressure on the intestines.

He advised pregnant women to eat their meals in small quantities as against large meals.

He suggested the need to undergo upper GIT (Gastrointestinal –Track) and Endoscopic therapy, adding that patients should use antacid tablets and solution.

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