Healing A Sick Nation Like Ours —Benjamin Owunna


What has hindered the prayers of so many servants of God and efforts of great men of history is what I want to explain in this article.

What does it mean to be healed? To be healed is to restore to health, cure from an injury, become sound or whole, according to the Oxford illustrated dictionary. That is to say that whenever we hear the word ‘healing’, it means that somebody somewhere must have been sick or injured through an accident.

In this article, I am talking about you who is hale and hearty, but internally bruised, wounded and completely bastardised through your thoughts and actions. A Nigerian said that the presidency is their birth right, this kind of person, if allowed to rule this country, will make himself like Gaddafi or Mubarak.

A lot of these people are well read and even very rich, but very sick on the inside. Many times we see beautiful cars parked by the roadside or at mechanic workshops. They look very strong and powerful but yet cannot take their owners to their destinations. The world today like Nigeria, has a lot of intelligent and well read men and women who are like the motor cars I used as example that do not bring satisfaction to their owners.

I’m yet to see a village in this country without a professor, yet Nigerians manifest ignorance everywhere they are. The reason for schooling is to remove ignorance, but it is a shame that after getting the best certificates, we score zero in terms of character.

What changes the world is not big grammars; the world is changed by men of sound mind, uncompromising and visionary men and women. Being educated is completely different from speaking good English, if our world is to be made better through English speaking, groups like Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, Boko Haram, Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, would not appear at all. But when you look closely, half of the members of these groups are graduates. I am not condemning scholarship.

My primary concern on my world and yours is to be healed in our inner mind, so that what we learned from school will not be used to increase corruption and wickedness on earth.

Who are those people who need this healing? They are president of nations, governors and all those who occupy high positions in the world and in the country, as secular education helps us to defend our rights in life. In the same way education of the mind helps us to separate the clean from the unclean and this can only be done by God on interested hearts.

Joseph in the Bible reported to his father all the evil his brothers were doing. Reason: he was a new breed without greed. Gani Fawehinmi manifested the same spirit in this country. He fought for those who could not fight for themselves and spoke for as many who could not speak for themselves (Prov. 31:8-9).

Samuel, in the Bible, is another example of a man whose heart was trained by God to reject evil from childhood. In his days, Israel experienced victory unlike the men of our time who fill our daily papers with promises they know they cannot fulfil. Before Samuel died, he called his people and said to them, ‘whom have I defrauded or hated and I will restore that which I have stolen?’ (1 Samuel 12:1-6).

How many leaders of our time can say such things to their people? What we have today are people who went to school and the school is not in them. They come out of school and become first class criminals through their brains and their pens. These are the people who cover Nigeria with darkness of poverty and joblessness and have made the innocent to turn their back on God and commit the worst crimes.

A lot of young men in Nigeria sell all kinds of rubbish on the internet. Some make themselves women in order to get dollar from the white men. Why shouldn’t our men keep destroying the image of this country when our leaders embezzle billions and they don’t care?

If there can be a new Nigeria each one of us is praying for, it means we must all imbibe the spirit of Nelson Mandela, not praying five times a day and fasting for seventy days. This will produce spirit.

Think of a Nigerian who embezzles so much that he disguises himself as woman. Another one used state funds and build 172 houses all for himself. These people physically are okay but internally sick. And they are the ones the devil uses to fulfil his three fold ministry which is to steal, kill and to destroy.

One is now suffering shame for using N40 billion on rubbish and he is not moved because men of power were behind him.

In countries like China, when any official embezzles money, he is killed by hanging but in Nigeria, we encourage stealing even from the top. People went to prison and came back to give testimony in church; somebody who is supposed to be ashamed of himself. These are people who still want Nigeria to remain as a third world nation.

Let me show us where the world and countries like Nigeria need healing: (Gen. 6:1-6) what made God regret after making man was his thoughts and action. In Mark 7:23, Jesus said that for from within, out of the heart of men proceeds evil thoughts. Evil thoughts and action have disgraced a lot of Nigerians. It has robbed mud on so many Nigerian leaders and yet they are not doing anything about it. Thoughts form action and action forms your personality. Where this country is today is a function of wicked thoughts and actions of our so-called leaders. If our leaders didn’t have a good thought towards a better Nigeria then we should forget about a better future for this very great country Nigeria.

Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life. My question for you is after school and your effort to rule this country, what do you have in mind concerning Nigeria? Nothing good will happen to our world and the nation until we have people with good intention. Such people move their world to the next level. What structure do you have in mind that will bring joy to poor Nigerians and take us to the next level?


•Owunna could be reached through his e-mail: [email protected]

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