ACN Lauds Tenancy Law


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has lauded the Lagos State House of Assembly and the Lagos State Government for passing into law the Lagos State Tenancy Bill.

The party advises the government to put in place structures to enforce the law that stands to benefit the majority of Lagosians if properly implemented.

In a statement signed by the party’s publicity secretary in the state, Joe Igbokwe, the party says the passage of the bill and the signing into law show the high regard the ACN government in Lagos has for the people.

It says the fears being expressed about the enforceability of the law is unfounded as the state government has shown a profound will to enforce its decisions and policies.

“We heartily welcome the enactment of the Tenancy Law as it pertains to yearly payment of rents. We see this as a bold and giant step to free the masses from the yoke of some landlords who employ the former tenancy law to milk the hapless tenants that rent their apartments.

“We perceive the new tenancy law as a great move to revive the economic health of average Lagosians who have been forced into a life of perpetual slavery by shylock landlords and their agents.

“We see the new law as a bold effort to address the woes and fates of Lagos tenants, who for many years, have been groaning under the weight of unwieldy rent burden imposed by landlords. We welcome the aspect of the bill that looks into the maintenance of rented apartments, which hitherto has been foisted on the tenants by most of the landlords and redistribute wealth in Lagos.

“While we acknowledge that some good landlords do not indulge in this milking act, we are aware that some landlords still depend on houses they built over twenty years ago to sustain their quest for new wives and unnecessary luxuries. We note that these unscrupulous landlords have made the increment and bulk imposition of rents their pastimes and record tenant’s turnover that threatens the bounds of decency. We know that most businesses and most people have relocated from Lagos for their failure to meet these killing rents regime and this is affecting the economy of Lagos.

“We note that the two or three years payment of rents, as it obtains at present, has crippled tenants who have been forced to close their businesses because they can hardly meet renewal of these huge rents every two or three years. We believe that the new law will enhance economic development of Lagos, as the cost of doing business will shrink and more Lagosians can afford houses. At present, we see a corollary between the high costs of rent in Lagos and the dwindling fortune of the masses, whose lives have been reduced to meeting the high demands of landlords.”

The party added: “Lagos ACN notes there have been syndicated efforts of these selfish landlords and their agents who benefit from the present order to discredit the new law. We see this as another fruitless effort that will not work if the government puts in place proper and competent measures to enforce compliance with the new law. We know that the Lagos State government has the will to enforce the new law and we urge it to move in quickly and save the new law from the attempts to sabotage it.

“We want to assure the government that it has the total support of a majority of Lagosians who are enslaved by this enduring order. We also comment the statement by Governor Fashola that the state will embark on massive construction of low cost houses to meet the housing needs of Lagosians.

“We congratulate the Lagos State government for this new law and urge other states to emulate this giant effort to ensure that the people are not milked to satisfy the selfish cravings of Nigerian landlords.”

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