My Plans For Sports In Agege Local Government

Hon. Tunde Ogunnoiki

•Hon. Tunde Ogunnoiki

 Hon. Tunde Ogunnoki is contesting the chairmanship position of Agege Local Government Council on the platform of Africa Liberation Party ALP. Ogunnoiki popularly known as Gambla spoke with SUNDAY AKINTOYE about his plans for sports development in Agege if elected the next chairman of the local government.


•Hon. Tunde Ogunnoiki

What plans do you have for sports in Agege?

We all know that our youths need to be empowered and we can empower them through sports. A lot of great sports personalities in Nigeria emerged from Agege. Rasak Omotoyossi, who is playing for Benin Republic, was a resident of Agege. Dele Adeleye, who is currently playing for Super Eagles was also a resident of Agege. So, I want to floatAgege FC and sponsor football competitions that will attract corporate bodies and sports philanthropists to Agege.

How do you intend to do this?

I have a big plan for sports in Agege but the local government cannot sponsor all sporting activities alone. We would need to partner with corporate bodies and sports philanthropists that are ready to work with us. I have identified some companies in Agege that are ready to help us when the time comes. .

You talked about sponsoring football competitions , don’t you have plans for other sports?

No sport will suffer under my administration. I will sponsor inter-school sports events. Monthly boxing competition, table tennis and track and field events among others. I am happy that the renovation of Agege Stadium is in progress. By the time I become the chairman of the local government, the renovations would have been completed. This will give me the opportunity to organise sports programmes for youths. I discovered that many youths engage in crimes in Agege because the present government fails to empower them. We need to cater for our youths and empower them through sports.

Apart from this, we will employ certified coaches in all sports through Lagos State Sports Council. They will help us select good athletes that would be sponsored to schools for further training, both home and abroad.

Don’t you think funding these projects would be a big challenge to your adminstratiom?

You are right. I said it earlier that I cannot fund the projects alone.We will seek for sponsorship from companies in Agege to carry out some of the projects.

My administration would focus on youth development. I won’t neglect them because they are our future leaders. I want to give them the best and make sure Agege reclaims its glory as far as sports is concerned in Lagos.

Are you saying that Agege has lost its glory in sports?

Of course. In the past, Agege was a Mecca of sports The present council boss has not lived up to expectations in this regard. I am contesting for the chairmanship position not because of my popularity among the residents but because of the passion I have for youths and my desire to revive sports in the area

With lack of sports facilities in Agege, do you think these programmes are achievable?

I have identified some facilities that need to be upgraded for sport activities. I would provide sports facilities in some areas because we cannot stage all our programmes at the Agege Stadium.

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