Varsity Dons Condemn Bombing Of UN Building


The Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (AVCNU), has expressed shock at the dimension the insecurity situation in Nigeria is taking, noting that the current situation “requires a very deep reflection by those charged with the responsibility of managing the country.”

A statement issued by the association averred that it is very difficult for people with ordinary eyes to see and account for what is happening, adding that a lot of investigations and objective research have to go into unraveling why Nigeria is descending into the chaos that is being witnessed in the bombing of the United Nations office complex.

“A very deep study would reveal the intention, the purpose and even the remedy for what is happening. It is very unfortunate that it has happened and contrary to the general belief that maybe our security operatives are not up and doing, our opinion is that it is very difficult to protect yourself, oneself or anybody against somebody who is ready to die.

“If somebody is ready to die, it is always impossible to protect another person from that person because he/she is ready to surrender his/her own life and once that happens, it can happen at any point, at anytime because unless you have to stay aloof without interacting,” the statement read.

—Bayo Adetu

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