In Defence Of A Dynamic Servant —Ayo Bakre


The man, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, born 53 years ago, and an accountant of repute, contested for a seat into the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2003. He became Speaker in 2005 through an act of God and confidence of his colleagues in him.

Since he became the Speaker, the House has witnessed tremendous improvement in terms of lawmaking and oversight functions. He has extended the frontiers of robust lawmaking.

The House that has hitherto been polarised was stabilised as a result of his ingenuity and his scientific understanding of speakership role.

He was reelected as the Speaker in 2007, and this was with resounding success.

At the initial stage, people had misconception that he was fighting the executive, not knowing he was only trying to build on democratic tenets which emphasis on principle of separation of powers.

In the long run, he was vindicated despite the destructive criticisms. The House, under his leadership, legislated and passed several bills to complement the executive’s effectiveness and efficiency as an integral part of the administration.

Indirectly, the House was adjudged the best in that dispensation because the achievement of the executive cannot come without proper legislation.

If the dynamic governor of Lagos was adjudged the best locally and internationally, then the credit must go to the House for proper lawmaking under his visionary leadership. Productivity is a function of value.

A number of petitions were sent to the House against the executive, and due to his firm belief in enthroning justice, he decided to set up a committee to look into the veracity of the claim. And they came up with their findings. The governor was cleared of any wrongdoing.

A just leader, you will say, he was equally reelected in 2011 in a very dynamic manner devoid of rancour and acrimony.

However, this was not a surprise to many because antecedent drives anticipation. Lagos residents are too sensitive and sophisticated to be re-elect a failure. Indeed his reelection was purely on merit.

Naturally, a man with these accomplishments will be the envy of others in the society. So it was not a surprise when some faceless people wrote a petition against him to the EFCC in order to demonise him.

However, I must salute his courage for honouring the invitation on his own volition.

Again, his response has further demonstrated his respect for constituted authority and rule of law. He is an astute politician, incisive debater, unbeatable parliamentarian, profound thinker, eloquent orator, devoted worshipper, dogged fighter and above all a colossus.

Lagosians and Nigerians look up to your type as a leader for a better generational advancement.


•Bakre writes in from Ketu, Lagos. 08032493663, E-mail: [email protected]

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