Rejoinder: Group Rejects LG Boss For Second Term


It is most disheartening to discover that people can at this age and time dissociate themselves from a glowing success but rather engage in malicious political cold war all for selfish gains.

There is no gain saying the fact that the people who claim that the executive chairman of Alimosho Local Government, Hon. Israel Olusola Adekunle has not done anything as the council boss are only playing politics rather than join the train of the successful progressives.

Hon. Israel Olusola Adekunle has decided not to either mince words or engage in any form of unhealthy media war with faceless and baseless detractors but rather want his achievements in office within the short space of time to speak for itself as peole have overtime blown his trumpet for him.

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Distinguished Lagosians, the projects pictures exhibited on page 10 are just a few among the numerous achievements and capital projects embarked upon: from education, health, infrastructure development, social welfare, power etc.

I also make bold to tell all our articulate and ever proactive political leaders that these projects are verifiable as they have earned the council boss numerous awards, commendation and recognition both at the local, state and federal level.

At this juncture, I want to implore all aggrieved groups to come join hands with the progressives so as to actualize the dream of our great party leaders to deliver the dividends of democracy to the maximum rather than engage in baseless criticisms more so that I operate an open door policy.

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