Don Soulja Works With Chris Brown


Olawale Ojo popularly known as Don Soulja, is in talks with American hip hop artiste, Chris Brown, for a possible collaboration.

Although his single, Tutu, is seriously enjoying fair air play and critical acclaim in Lagos State, Don Soulja is, however, hoping to carve a niche for himself by working with Chris Brown and having worked with Terry G and Zee Y, the artiste thinks it is about time that he does something out of the ordinary.

According to him, talks with the American artiste is ongoing and he hopes the collaboration will be ready for public consumption next year.

He told P.M. Entertainment that he has been in constant talks with Brown.

“I have been communicating with Chris Brown for quite a while now. Although he is busy, we are hopeful of having the song ready next year, just in time for my album,” he said.

Don Soulja claimed the pair communicates via Twitter and added that most of the tracks for his yet to be released album are ready.

“I’m working seriously to release my album next year and it will feature Terry G, 9ice, Clever J, Olamide, Shocker and hopefully, Chris Brown, if our deal is sealed,” he stated.

The ambitious artiste is not signed to a record label yet and has no manager because he wants a record label that will sign him on and have adequate time to produce his music and brand.

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“I don’t have a manager and I’m not signed to any record label yet because most of the major record labels have too many artistes signed on that are yet to be produced,” he said, adding that money is not his priority but passion.

Having started from the church as a dancer, he learnt how to drum, sing and use other instruments at the church. He opines that his Christian background has helped him to get to where he is today. “I get my lyrics and inspiration from God. I also draw inspiration from my environment,” he said.

According to him, his hit single, Tutu, is just a reflection of what he makes of the music industry. He believes that Nigerian music has grown tremendously and that Nigerian artistes now make shed loads of money.

“Tutu is a song that explains how Nigerian artistes have become big and how they can spend as against what used to be in the past,” he submitted, adding that working with Terry G was good for him because he learnt a lot from him. Although he wrote his song, he said Terry G’s experience as a producer and musician added more quality to an already good song. “Terry G had been on my mind for a while and he promised that he would work with me. I thank God that it worked out well,” he said.

Presently at LASPOTECH studying Mass Communication, Don Soulja said what really matters to him now is his unborn child. Although he his not married, he believes that the baby his girlfriend is carrying is what matters most to him as he continues to build his music career.


—Ayodele Lawal

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