How Do You See Eagles' Performance Against Argentina?


 On Tuesday, 6 September, the Super Eagles of Nigeria lost 1-3 to Argentina in an international friendly rematch in Dhaka, Bangladesh. P.M.Sports sought the views of Nigerians on the performance of the Samson Siasia-led Eagles.

 James Agori, Photo Journalist: Personally, I think the Super Eagles tried their best by holding the Argentines to a slim 1-3 scoreline considering the fact that they had to play the match two days after they played the all important Nations Cup qualifier against Madagascar. The scoreline did not matter to me because we did not field our full squad. If we had fielded the likes of Joseph Yobo, Victor Anichebe and Kalu Uche, we would have defeated the Argies just as we did on 1 June in Abuja. I hope next time when they fix a match of that magnitude they will prepare very well and make sure they invite our best players.

Oke, Footballl Fan: Super Eagles’ performance against Argentina was fair considering that the match was meant to test some new guys in the team. What they played on Tuesday showed that they were not a team yet, as they did not impress me with their display in the first half. But as the match progressed in the second half and the introduction of Ahmed Musa and the goalscorer, Ogbuke Obasi, their game improved. Nonetheless, it was a good match to test the strength of the players. I just hope the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, will be able to organise more of such Grade A matches for the team in the future.

Al-Amin Muhammod, Football Fan: The match was okay when you look at it from a friendly match perspective. It’s tit for tat. The Argies came to Abuja without their stars and we defeated them 4-1. This time around we did not play with our full squad and they defeated us 1-3. To me the two legged friendly ties ended in 1-1. I think we are better than Argentina. I just want our players to be patriotic to the nation, while the technical crew should make sure they take note of all the lapses that were evident in that match. I know by the time we play the Argies next time in a competitive match, we will play better.

Yakubu Akinlagun: Special Assistant to Surulere LG Chairman: The boys that played against Argentina proved themselves and for me I think they tried beyond my expectations.I wouldn’t want Nigerians to judge the team by the outcome of the match because it was a friendly and we were the ones clamouring for Grade A friendly matches for the team. I will advise the NFF to organise more of such international friendly matches for the team even for the home-based Super Eagles.They should not mind the scoreline even if we are beaten 10-0, it doesn’t matter, what matters is what we learn from the match and the fact that we are still rebuilding a team right. I commended the Eagles and their coaches.

Dapo Osobu, CPMS Marketer: Playing 1-3 against Argentina with the squad we paraded was not a bad result. I know with adequate preparation and inclusion of our best legs for that kind of match we would have good result. Don’t forget we just came back from a very crucial match in Antananarivo, while the Argentines had enough time to prepare for the tie. I believe it was a nice match and if we had prepared better ahead, we would have beaten them irrespective of the players they paraded.The scoreline was not a reflection of our input into the match.I just hope we will play more of such matches in the nearest future.

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Paul Bassey, Veteran Sports Journalist: It was a fair match depending on the perspective you are looking at it. While I was watching the match I did not bother myself with the individual displays of our players.I was rather looking at the team work being displayed and their rate of co-ordination in terms of team understanding. At the end of the day I was not impressed because they played disjointedly and individual talents were on display.That calls for more work on the part of the technical crew.The scoreline did not worry me but how we could correct noticeable errors by our players and improve on the team before our next match against Guinea.

Collins Abamu, Nigeria’s Tennis Star: The match was okay for the fact that we were able to maintain the scoreline at a respectable level. And also, it was not a reflection of what our team can play. But when you look at the players we paraded you would agree with me that it was a fair result.The handlers of the team need to work on the errors noticed during the match.

Mr. Chichi Umeh: I think the Super Eagles tried their best. It is not easy to play the Agentines, most especially when they have their professionals on the field, talking about Messi and their other top players. But Nigerian players still need more technical training.

Miss Mariam Ajisegiri: I know that the Super Eagles can not defeat Argentina in anyway, the last time we hosted the Argentina in Abuja, we defeated them, but Argentina where over confident that’s why the Nigerians defeated them. But it was a game of “do it to me, I do it to you.”

Chimo Lilly: It was a great game anyway. The Super Eagles have proved to Argentina that the God of soccer is not only on their side. The Eagles played well. The Eagles were careless against the Argentina in the first half, but in the second half, the Eagles showed the Argentines that they are real Eagles. I think the Eagles have done well, and Siasia has really performed as a coach.

Chisom Onyebuchi: Look, Nigerians should not judge the Super Eagles with what they played against Argentina in Bangladesh, the Eagles played an excellent game. The Eagles recovered in the second half but, no matter what, the Eagles played well. Look at what Obasi and Musa played in the second half, the Eagles need to be appreciated. The Eagles played well.

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