Pipeline Fire Kills Over 100


More than 100 people were burnt to death today in Nairobi, Kenya, after a petrol fire broke out in a densely populated slum of Langa Langa.

Various media reported smouldering skeletons as the fire raged through the slum.

Both Reuters and Associated Press put the death toll at about a hundred, with AP saying its reporter had counted at least 40 dead bodies in the remains of burning shacks up to 300 metres (1,000ft) from the site of an explosion. Other bodies were floating in a nearby river filled with sewage. Witnesses said people had jumped into the river after catching fire.

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Residents said homes had been built right up to a petrol pipeline that runs through the heavily populated slum of Embakasi, between the city centre and the airport.

Police said they were still counting bodies. They said some of those killed had been trying to scoop up spilled petrol.

According to reports, the fire was sparked by a cigarette butt.

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