Boko Haram Is Anti-Islam —Ex-Minister


Former Minister of Information and ex-chairman, National Sports Commission, NSC, Chief Alex Akinyele, has described the war against western education by the Boko Haram sect as anti-Islam and called on all Nigerians to pray to God over the situation.

He made the call at the 5th Nigeria Media Nite Award held on Sunday in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

According to him, Nigerians should make sincerity their watchword and pray fervently over insecurity and other challenges facing the country.

“Let us be sincere to ourselves. Boko Haram people are Nigerians, some people are pushing them, some people are making use of the fact that these people are uneducated, un-intelligent and religious fanatics.

“How could someone be killing people who do not offend them? In a political situation, anything can happen. This is why we need to pray to God so that those sponsoring them could have a change of heart.

“They should also know that what they are doing is against Islam. The religion preaches peace not violence. So, what they are doing is anti-Islam,” he said.

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Also, past regimes in the country have been blamed for the insecurity and socio-economic problems in Nigeria.

Bishop Charles Ighele of the Lagos-based Holy Spirit Mission, also known as the Happy Family Chapel, made the statement while commenting on the state of the nation at the media nite award.

The bishop said the insecurity and other problems in the country today did not happen overnight.

He blamed past rulers in the country for failing to put in place necessary mechanism to make the youths useful positively.

He said the insecurity in the country is as a result of many years of neglect. A nation does not arrive at this situation in a day, and no one should hold President Goodluck Jonathan or any of the state governors responsible.

—Paul Sanusi

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