Students Urged To Shun Violence


Nigerian students have been urged to shun violence of any form l and remain dedicated to their studies so that they can come out in flying colour. These were the words of Mrs. Moronke Oshosanya, the proprietress of Acehall School, Ikeja.

Speaking with Campus Square, Mrs. Oshosanya said the rate at which students involve in violence in school is becoming alarming, urging the government to provide adequate security in schools and their environs.

According to her, “If our students have well structured education at the elementary level, it will help them when they get to higher institutions. There is no way they will be involved in acts of thuggery or hooligalism.”

She, therefore, charged the students to shun violence. She urged parents to dedicate more time for their children. Acehall School, which has a Creche, Nursery, and Primary School, offers educational stability to children between three months and 11 years and has a modern and spacious learning environment for pupils.

“I see myself as a mother and teacher. I am always in the school and I visit classrooms daily to ensure that the pupils are doing well and I have taken it as a daily routine,” she stated.

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