Ajeromi/Ifelodun: Giving Succour To The Aged


It is a gathering of the aged and they come in different sizes and colours. They are 70 years and above and their looks indeed revealed that much.

There are Yorubas, South south and the South east people. Hausas are not left out. It does not matter which political party you belong to. The only entry requirement is that you must be 70 years.

It is at the monthly payment of stipend to the aged by the Ajeromi/Ifelodun Local Government at its secretariat in Ajegunle.

According to the council chairman, Hon. Kamal Abiodun Bayewu, the programme was designed to provide succour for the aged in the local government.

He said: “We want to give them a sense of belonging as well as provide succour for them. The unique thing about this programme is that it will exist well after I leave office. We have made it a programme of the council and not the personal programme of Kamal Abiodun Bayewu. By the grace of God when we come back to the office for our second term, we can make some modifications while subsequent administration can do the same. But it has become a programme of the council.”

Over 250 aged people in the local government area collect N5,000 monthly stipend but there is always room for an increase in the number.

“We started with 100 people but the number has risen to more than 250 and it is a confirmation of the fact the people support the programme,” the council boss said.

On how the aged people are selected, Bayewu said nomination forms are sent to town development unions, landlords/residents associations and development unions in the local government area. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Muslim community and the Arewa community, among others are also contacted.

According to him,”We want to accommodate as many aged people as possible. The programme is a continuous one. We do replacement. Some died while some change residence.This gives us the opportunity to integrate names on our waiting list,” he said.

Some beneficiaries of the programme commended the council boss for the kind gesture.

“This is the first time such programme will be executed in this local government and I have been living here for over three decades. I was one of those who struggled for the creation of this local government hence I know what I’m talking about,” a Rivers State indigene and former councillor in the old Badagry Local Government, Onowu Chukwuma, said.

Another recipient, Alhaji Hussain Daura from Sokoto State said he has lived in the area for over 30 years.

“This is the first time I will witness this kind of thing. This has never happened in the history of this local government. We will continue to support Bayewu and we support him in his second term ambition,” he said.

For Mrs. Margaret Aduba, the gesture is amazing hence she gave the council boss the name; ‘Ekwueme’, meaning the promise keeper.

“For me, Margaret Aduba, to be coming to the local government secretariat to collect money every month, is incredible. My household and I will continue to support Bayewu and we back him for the second term,” she said.

The programme has been on since 2009 and it will continue even after the Bayewu administration.

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