Pools: Lagos Must Learn From Ogun —LASPAA


Lagos Pools Agents Association, LASPAA, wants the government of Babatunde Raji Fashola to take a cue from what Ogun State government did to sanitise pools business in the state.

The government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun had recently come out with a policy to stabilise odds payment in the state. Pools now operate on 1-14 full odds, 40-1 (15 draws), 20- 1 (16 draws), 10-1(17 and above).

President of the LASPAA, Major Sammy Ogunyebo (retd.) told P.M.News that while the association appreciates what Ogun State did, it wants Lagos to take a cue but with some modifications in order to sanitise the business in the state.

“We believe that Lagos State should be in the forefront in the crusade. We have presented a proposal to the government since last year in which we detailed how the business can be sanitised. What Ogun State government did was good, it’s like it beat Lagos to it. We, however, want Governor Raji Fashola to prevail on his officials at the Secretariat to expedite action on the proposal so that the sanity we are expecting will come as soon as possible,” he said.

Major Ogunyebo said what his association wants is total control of betting shops so that promoters won’t use their shops to sell with high commission in the market, adding that the dual role of promotion and agency the promoters are playing should stopped.

P.M.News gathered that the much expected tripartite meeting between government officials, promoters and the representatives of the promoters will be held anytime from now.

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