Boko Haram Members Frustrated — Bishop


Secretary, Conference of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Bishop Raphael Opoko, has described the Boko Haram sect as a product of misrule.

Commenting on the threat posed by Boko Haram on the wellbeing of Nigerians shortly after the conference in Lagos, Opoko said Nigeria has failed its people.

“My personal opinion as a citizen of Nigeria is that the Boko Haram is a product of misrule and misgovernance. This country has nothing to boast of other than saying it is the giant of Africa. The major achievements of our leaders are political instability and ‘selectocracy.’ ‘Selectocracy’ is a government of the elect by the elect and for the elect.

“This is a country where officials announce budgets for road and others but what I see are death traps,” he stated.

The bishop explained that “if Boko Haram members are educated, exposed and empowered, they will not want to die. I condemn the killings by Boko Haram but I also feel very bad for the reason that will drive one to the extent of willing to sacrifice his life.”

He called on the people to stop condemning the group and advised the government to dialogue with it to stop the killings.

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“Boko Haram is an issue all Christians must pray about and Muslims must try to put an end to. Members of Boko Haram are Nigerians. Irrespective of their tribes, we carry one passport outside Nigeria.

We should understand that we are chasing away investors; we are limiting our chances of providing employment, social and economic development because no investor will want to invest in a country where there is insecurity. We should also mind the kind of image we are giving Nigeria abroad.”

On Islamic banking, the bishop said there was nothing wrong with non-interest banking “but is it the job of the CBN governor to establish a bank?

“The CBN governor has chosen a deliberate distraction which only he knows why. If he wants to be loyal to some people, he should tell Nigerians.”

—Tunde Omidiji

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