Igali Commends Nigerian Wrestlers


Technical adviser of the Nigerian Wrestling Federation, NWF, Daniel Igali, has showered encomium on the nation’s wrestlers for picking the London Olympic ticket at the World Wrestling Championship in Turkey.

Igali said the wrestlers have once again displayed the potential and strength of the nation to rule the world. He added that the nation would not relent in its effort at attaining the greater height in the world of wrestling.

“I need to commend our wrestlers for their impressive performance at the World Wrestling Championship in Turkey. They did well by picking the ticket to feature in the wrestling event of the London Olympics. They have shown the world what we are capable of in wrestling,” he said.

Igali assured Nigerians of good outing in the London Olympic, promising that the technical department of the Nigerian Wrestling Federation will not leave anything to chance to ensure that the nation’s name is written in gold at the Olympic.

—Olusegun Abidoye