Woman Delivers Baby Girl On The Road


A woman, with a nine-month old pregnancy, who was rushing to the hospital on foot in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, to give birth, was not fast enough to get to the health centre. Instead, she stumbled in front of a shop and gave birth to a baby girl.

The near-tragic incident, which turned joyful, occurred in Agege area of the state at about 4.30 pm yesterday, eyewitnesses said.

P.M.NEWS learnt that the 26-year old woman, Mrs. Ruth Kola, whose husband is a welder, was in their residence alone when she went into labour.

She told our correspondent that when she began to feel contractions of her abdomen, she came out of their residence and tried to board a taxi to the hospital, but none agreed to carry her.

She then resorted to trekking and in front of Shop 53 at Balogun Street, Pen-Cinema, Agege, she stumbled and called for assistance from nearby traders.

The owner of the shop, Mr. Gerald Anyadiora, narrated that he was surprised when he saw a woman groaning in pains in front of his shop.

Without a doctor, a nurse or any trained health personnel, the traders formed a shield around her to protect her from passersby who had gathered to witness the spectacular delivery.

After the delivery, some of the eyewitness went to the maternity nearby to seek their assistance but none of the nurses there agreed to follow them to the scene, eyewitnesses said.

Those who witnessed the incident and passersby were astonished and quickly bought items like pampers, detergent, baby clothing, shawls, and even provided the bus that conveyed the woman to her residence at 7, Omitola Street, Pen-Cinema, Agege, Lagos.

An eyewitness said: “the baby was already coming out when we saw her. We had to gather around her and ensure she delivered the baby safely. The labour took just between five to 10 minutes. Her placenta was removed by the women. The whole thing that happened was an act of God”

Ruth, the mother of the baby girl is a native of Ondo State, Southwest Nigeria. She told our correspondent: “There was nobody to help me and I had to wait in the middle of the road before concerned persons gathered around me to ensure I deliver the baby safely.”

Kola, Ruth’s husband, said that he was frightened when he learnt that his wife had delivered in front of a shop and not in a health centre.

He disclosed that he had no money at home and had not even bought the items needed for the baby.

He said was not prepared for the delivery.

—Ibrahim Bakare