Death Knell For Same Sex Marriages


Same sex marriages, anywhere on earth, are ungodly and the unanimous vote in the Nigerian Senate yesterday making them illegal is commendable.

The bill, which sought to make same sex marriages illegal in Nigeria, was sponsored by Senator Domingo Obende and 13 other senators.

It nearly suffered a stillbirth when Senator Ita Enang argued that the criminal code had already criminalised the act. But the Senate President, David Mark, allowed the bill to proceed through the second reading and was rightly endorsed by other senators.

As Senator Obende rightly observed, same sex marriages cannot be allowed in Nigeria on moral and religious grounds. He argued that same sex marriages may even lead to the breakdown of the society.

According to him, “No same sex marriage is best. The problem associated with it is that it causes more sexually transmitted diseases, more childless relationships, more mental health problems and other major social problems especially deprivation at old age.” We agree.

Homosexual relationships are unnatural and against the Nigerian and African tradition. They must be rejected and condemned.

Why should a man go after another man or why should a woman lust after another woman when there are men and women in the society? We find it reprehensible and unreasonable.

We believe that marriage is a sacred institution between a man and woman. The union between a man and a woman is the bedrock of any society while a union between two men or two women is a threat to the subsistence of the human race.

From the religious point of view (Leviticus 18:22), same sex relationship is ungodly, satanic and desecrates the institution of marriage as ordained by God. The whole essence of marriage as ordained by God is for procreation and not just for pleasure as homosexuals irrationally believe.

In any case, if same sex marriages are allowed, who will fill the world tomorrow? Who will give birth to other homosexuals?

We are aware that in the United States and Europe, same sex marriages and relationships are condoned. We believe that Europeans and Americans are wrong to accept such ungodly relationships. Is it not absurd that these couples in same sex marriages shamelessly adopt children that straight couples gave birth to? If gays love children so much, why do they engage in same sex marriages that cannot produce offsprings?

We believe that evil remains evil no matter how much it is accepted in some countries. In Nigeria, such relationships are sacrilegious and must be rejected by all.

And as ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo argued, it is better to sleep with a goat than to have sex with someone of the same sex.

We reiterate that it is irrational that even in countries where such satanic relationships are condoned, those involved in them still want to adopt children. If they hate procreation that much, why go for adoption?

While we commend the senate, we call on Nigerians to reject such sacrilegious relationships in their entirety.