Students Berate Abia Govt Over Rape Scandal


Nigerian students nationwide have continued to berate Abia State government over its failure to identify the five-man gang that raped a girl said to be a student of Abia State University, ABSU.

The incident, which has generated controversy in the country, happened on Tuesday, 16 August, this year when five guys gang-raped the female student, recorded the scene and circulated it on the ABSU campus and environs.

The video was later circulated on the internet, and ever since, the matter has generated a lot of reactions. Virtually everybody that has watched or heard of the case has criticised the state government for not taking proper actions on the issue.

At the moment, some Non-Government Organisations have taken the matter up, and have vowed to bring the rapists to book.

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Campus Square learnt that the rape victim was accused of insulting one of the guys, and in a bid to deal with her, they decided to gang-rape her. The video, which shows how the helpless female student struggled in vain to save herself, lasted for more than an hour.

Meanwhile, Nigerian students who spoke to Campus Square over the issue asked why it is taking Abia State Government so long to identify the rapists.

“It is unfortunate that people commit crimes in this country and go free. I won’t be surprised if those guys go scot free because bigger offences are committed by those in the corridors of power and nothing happens to them. If it is in a country where corruption is not the main thing, those guys would have been cooling their heels in prison by now,” Sade, a student of Lagos State University lamented.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has also vowed to embark on a protest if necessary action is not taken on the matter.