Islamic Clerics Charge Boko Haram To Dialogue


Some Muslim clerics in Lagos on Wednesday appealed to the Boko Haram sect to dialogue with the government if they were truly fighting a just cause.

The clerics were reacting to the “no peace talk” statement credited to the spokesperson of the group by the media organizations.

Alhaji Kamaldeen Akintunde, General Secretary, National Council of Muslim Youths, NACOMYO, said that the statement credited to the Boko Haram sect was unfortunate.

He described the statement as “least expected” considering the effort of the Federal Government to make peace with the group.

“They should have reciprocated the peace and dialogue moves of the government ,” Akintunde said, and urged the group to see reason and react positively.

Shehu Mojeed Ayinla, the Lagos State Missioner of Nawar-ud-deen Society of Nigeria, said that the group should not reject dialogue if they were true and dedicated Nigerians.

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“I don’t think they should reject dialogue if they are Nigerians who have the peace and unity of this country at heart,” he said.

Ayinla said that the only avenue to present their grievances to the government was by dialogue.

Shehu Dhikrullahi Shaffi, Chairman of Hajj Marburr Travels, urged the group to dialogue and embrace peace.

Shaffi said that development could be attained only where peace reigned.

“ I don’t think we can achieve peace and development in the country if we do not surrender to dialogue in the resolution of crisis,” he said. (NAN)