Group Prays For Peace


A group, Partnership For A New Nigeria, PFANN recently mobilised hundreds of Nigerians to pray for peace in the nation on Monday. Thousands gathered around Ikeja area to pray for peace around the nation’s flag in a street rally seeking to engender an ethical revolution aimed at enthroning the birth of a new Nigeria.

Ubiquitous motorcycle (Okada) riders in the Lagos State capital abandoned their trade as they joined eminent Nigerians including the Director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Dr. Is-haq Akintola and Onyeka Onwenu to gather around Awolowo Way/Allen Avenue Roundabout, Ikeja to intercede for Nigeria and her leaders.

The founder of PFANN, Evangelist Elishama Ideh led the pack of flag-carrying Nigerians to dance round the square seven times in a symbolic reference to the biblical story of Israelites dancing around the wall of Jericho, praying to God to dismantle all obstacles against the nation’s progress.

According to Ideh, the gathering was significant and prophetic as Nigeria would experience a new turn around politically and economically.

“It is high time Nigerians began to take more than a passing interest in the governance of the country. We must all work towards making Nigeria a better place for this present generation and the coming generations.

“It’s time to begin to work towards making Nigeria a better place; it is time to stop hunger in the midst of plenty; let us drive away poverty from our land, so that our people can smile again,” she said, adding that there is need to change the failing order and move Nigeria to greater heights.

“We all must regard this clarion call to take this country to her place of glory as originally intended by God. We pray that all negative things happening currently in Nigeria will be a thing of the past,” the evangelist explained, stating that the dance round the square was prophetic and a directive from God,” she stated. According to her, the powers that have been holding Nigeria down not to enter her promised land had been pulled down as people were rallying round the roundabout, stressing that the only way forward is for Nigerian leaders to take the right action, care more for the masses, “because any nation that does not care for her citizens will be destroyed.”

Female musician, Onyeka Onwenu, the One Love crooner, decried the degeneracy in every aspect of the nation’s life, saying that the only way out of the darkness is self-discovery and love for the country.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga