Karateka Wants Support From Sports Ministry


A female karateka, Alice Henry, has appealed to the government and corporate organisations to come to the aid of karate in the country.

Henry, a gold medalist at the Garden City Games, yesterday made the appeal in a chat with P.M.Sports at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

“Karate needs the support of the government and corporate bodies for it to grow. Though the sport was brought into the country not long ago it will develop if they can come to its aid,” said Henry.

Henry explained that the government and corporate bodies can help to develop the sport by sponsoring tourneys where karatekas can express themselves.

“The major problem that Nigerian fighters are facing is dearth of tournaments in the country. We need these tournaments for us to be in good shape. The government and corporate bodies should sponsor tourneys so that the sport can move forward in the country,” said Henry.

Asked whether her family are in support of her karate career, Henry said that their contributions to to her career cannot be overemphasised.

“My entire family are in support of my interest in karate. My father is always reminding me to remain focus and to know what I am doing. I am glad because I did not disappoint them with my performance at the Garden City Games where I won one gold and one bronze medals,” said Henry.

Speaking on her future plan, Henry said her dream is to represent the country at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

“My dream is to represent the country at London 2012 Olympic Games. I went for the Garden City Games and I won a gold and a bronze medals. I believe I will do the country proud if I am given the opportunity to represent the country at the games,” said Henry.

—Bimbo Ajayi