APPOEMN Condemns Piracy In Event Management Industry


The Association of Professional Party Planners and Event Managers Of Nigeria (APPOEMN) has condemned the gradual emergence of piracy and copy rights violation in the event management industry.

The association at a press conference in Lekki, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, said it is worrisome that piracy and copyright violation is gradually taking over the growing event management industry.

In a joint statement signed by its members, the association noted that some event managers and planners have formed the habit of presenting pictures of other planners’ works to their clients and posting same on their websites without giving credit to the original owners of the pictures.

According to the association, the situation has become worrisome as those who perpetrate the act end up not being able to deliver exactly what is contained in the pictures to their clients.

Part of the statement reads: “The reason APPOEMN was created was to demand professionalism and ethical standards in order to inspire client confidence and enhance the reputation and interest of its members. The rapid growth of the event industry in Nigeria has opened huge business opportunities across all levels of the event industry. However, along with these development comes new challenges, such as piracy/copyright violation.

“We stand here today under one APPOEMN to say no to piracy. Stealing of other people’s works and parading same as yours is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in this industry. We are using this medium to let everyone known that we have created a page on our website for violator. We have also partnered with some magazine publications to expose violators. It is our belief that this measure will provide reassurance to our colleagues, clients and potential clients”

President of the association, Mrs Molara Akinosho, said the situation has become critical as more and more clients are fast losing confidence in the industry because planners who present pictures that are not theirs cannot delivered on the content of the pictures.

“ Really, this is becoming a big issue for us because our integrity is at stake. It is wrong for someone to take glory for what he or she has not laboured for. Conceiving a cake design and decor for venue of an event take time and energy and the least any one that wants to use the images of the event can simply do, is to acknowledge the original owner of the picture. We could have allowed this matter to pass if not that those in the practice are gradually eroding our image and we want to stop it”

Mrs Akinosho urged clients to always consult with APPOEMN before engaging the services of any event manager or planners to ensure that such planners or managers can deliver on the job.

She assured that measures will be taken to stop the act.

Some members of the association gave instances of how their works had been copied by other planners without giving them credit.

Managing Director of Tsoule Event, Mr Amodu Temitope, said the pictures of the cake and decorations he made for a client was recently posted on the website owned by Wedding Planners without due credit to him.

A make-up Artist, Mrs Banke Meshida Lawal, also complained of how someone else posted pictures of her job on the Internet and used it to deceive clients that they were hers.

—Henry Ojelu