Ikosi-Isheri Will Experience Progress


Engineer Abdul Fatai Oyesanya, chairmanship candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in Ikosi Isheri LCDA, in Saturday’s council election spoke on his ambition

Why do you want to become the chairman of the LCDA?

It has been a burning desire in me all along to ensure that I touch the lives of people. I have been doing that and I believe this opportunity will give me a better opportunity to ensure that my plans are implemented.

If elected into office, what are your plans for your people?

As a member of Action Congress of Nigeria which is the people’s party, I have a lot of people-oriented programmes. Going through our manifesto you will see that we promised free education at all levels, free health services, improved infrastructure, gainful employment and of course poverty alleviation programmes. If elected into office, we will improve the economic well-being of all the people in our LCDA.

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You were once the Executive Secretary of the Local Government Education Authority in Kosofe Local Government, what were your achievements while in the office?

In the last three and half years that I occupied the post, I have used the position to assist people by making sure that a lot of them have gainful employment. Hundreds of people got employed in the non-teaching service through me, and when you give people job especially a pensionable job, it is highly appreciated by them because such will propel the people to want such a person in a position of authority. Aside this, when I came in as the Education Secretary, I met the office in shambles but by the grace of God we have given it a face lift, a lot of infrastructural development has happens. During my tenure I ensured that all the teachers were promoted as and when due. In fact, it is only in Kosofe local government that we have two assistant head teachers in our primary schools to ensure a smooth administration, and that has assisted a lot of people who have been stagnant as classroom teachers for as many as between 30 and 33 years. Their elevation has helped them to improve their status. Also during my tenure, schools under me won a lot of laurels in various competitions like Spelling Bee, BRF Essay competition and others. Considering all these, it has been good so far.

A lot of people aspired for the seat of the chairman of the LCDA in your party before you finally emerged the candidate. What is your advice for the aspirants who lost out in the primaries?

Like I have always said, no victor, no vanquished, we are all winners, the fact is that two people cannot be there as the chairman it’s only one person. We give all the glory to the Almighty Allah who has made it possible this time because this is not the first time I will be aspiring. I have aspired two times earlier and the party decision was for me to step aside and I did and continued working toward the success of the party. I never because of that left the party because we are a disciplined set of people.