Islamic Cleric Nabbed For Theft


A 33-year old Islamic cleric, Mohammed Muritala is currently being detained at Isokoko Police Divisional Headquarters in Agege, Lagos, for duping some married women and stealing their money, phones, jewellery and other valuables.

Muritala allegedly confessed that he usually visits Lagos from his base in Ilorin, Kwara State. While in Lagos, he stays with his sister, one Lateefat a.k.a. Iya Nimota who resides at Ijora Oloye, Lagos.

He claimed to be an Alfa and his accurate prophecy made people to fall for tricks. He was alleged to have ordered his victims to take him to their houses in order to reverse the calamity that might befall them.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS Murtala, said: “I am a respectable Alfa in Ilorin. I went to Ansar Islam Quaranic School, Oloje, Ilorin Kwara State I spent six years there.

“Last year, I came on a visit to Aunty Lateefat at Ijora Oloye and on the second day of my visit I went to Agege and on seeing these two sisters I told them that we should pray and we both went inside the house to pray.

“I told the Christian woman to pray with Psalm 23, and the Muslim woman to make use of suratul kaosarat iqlas.

“I later instructed them to pull off their clothes and go to the bathroom for personal prayers and also warned them that if they slept on their beds they would die.

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“Before they came back from the bathroom, I stole their money, phones, necklaces, earrings and many other things. The method I used for them was that I put a white powder in my nails. I told them to get two sponge each and I collected it from them, then I sprinkled the white powder on their sponge and placed it on their bed and put a little water so that it caught fire.

“This made them to believe in my visions. Since then, I ran away until when I attempted to do the same thing to another set of people that I was identified and handed over to the police,” he stated.

One of the victims, Mrs Bukky Awonipo, 30, a trader from Odogbolu, Ogun State told P.M.NEWS that: “He just came to us while we were in front of our house at 9, Isa Street, Shiaba, Agege, as I talked with a friend of mine, Kafayat Obey. He suddenly came to us that he came to the mosque that he saw a vision about our marital and family problems.

“He then told us to take him to our rooms and he instructed us to buy two sponge each squeeze it and hold it he, however, collected it, put it on the bed, and poured a little water on it and it caught fire. When we saw fire, we believed all his revelations and thereafter he asked us to go and take a bath before we came back, he had taken N70,000 cash, N30,000 worth of earrings and other jewellery, N60,000 worth of recharge cards in my friend’s room and in my room, he stole N30,000 cash from me and N40,000 worth of jewellery.”

He also used the same tricks on Gafaru Dauda of 11 Olanrewaju Street, Keke, Agege and 10 others lost their money and phones to the trickster.

—Oluwole Adeboye

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