Arik Air Chairman Slams Britain Over BASA


Nigeria’s business mogul and President of Arik Air, Dr. Arumemi Johnson, has excoriated the British authorities for not respecting the Bilateral Air Services Agreement, BASA, which Britain signed with the Nigerian authorities to regulate inflow of flights between both countries.

Speaking with journalists this morning at Arik Air Headquarters in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, Arumemi argued that while British Airways comes to Nigeria unhindered, Nigerian airlines find it difficult to fly to England.

According to him, the British authorities do not grant Nigeria the 21-weekly slots that they agreed to in the BASA agreement and called on the Nigerian authorities to be resolute and protect Nigeria’s interest.

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“I think they are setting a precedent that is dangerous. We call on Nigerian government to protect the integrity of this country and its interest.

“We call on FAAN and our airport authorities to reciprocate. This is a test case. We as a country must put our feet down. Every country has to protect its own,” he said. Arumemi said that he has petitioned the Senate and the Ministry of Aviation to wade into the matter.

—Simon Ateba

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