I'll Remember Nigerians For Their Friendliness


In an interview with OLUSEGUN ABIDOYE, the number one seeded player in the women’s singles event of the Governor’s Cup, Nina Bratchikova of Russia, speaks about the tourney and her next destination.

How did you start playing tennis?

My dad enrolled me at a tennis academy in Russia when I was seven years old. That was where I learnt the rudiments of the game and how to comport myself both on and off the court.

How old are you now?

I’m 26 years old

You retired from your second round game, what happened?

I could not continue the game because I had pain on my back. I later told the umpire about my decision to retire from the game because of the injury.

Where is your next destination after this tourney?

I’m going to France next week to play in the $50,000 prize money. It is H Nantes tournament, which will be played at Roland Garros, Paris from 31 October to 6 November.

Did Nigeria’s weather affect your game?

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It did but I’m not the only players in the tourney. It affects everybody but we need to acclimitise and concentrate on our games.

What would you remember about this tourney?

I will continue to remember the good people of Nigeria for their warm reception and their friendliness throughout the tourney. I will also remember the heat in the country and the judgment of the umpires.

Are you married, if not when are you planning to marry?

I’m not married yet, but planning to marry next year.

Is it to your coach?

No, he is not the lucky guy, but someone else.

How do you feel having your boyfriend as your coach?

I feel good about it. It is nice and interesting. It is not easy at times, but it is lovely to have him as my coach. I love him and he also loves me too.

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