Nigeria Canvasses Cooperation Between African Navy To Curb Sea Piracy 


Vice Admiral Ola Ibrahim, the Nigeria Chief of Naval Staff, has said that African Navy needed to cooperate to curb the activities of sea pirates in the continental coastal water.

The Naval chief told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Correspondent in Central and Southern Africa in Johannesburg on Saturday that the activities of the pirates at the African coastal lines would drive investors away if not curbed.

Ibrahim, who was a Guest Speaker at the just-concluded African Navy Maritime Security Conference in South Africa, said that the potentials in the continental seas needed to be fully protected.

“The main issue discussed at the conference is how African Navy can cooperate, so cooperation was preach on many grounds. The conferences also afford the opportunity for us to know that whatever happens in any parts of Africa affect other nations.

“ So it is very clear that without cooperation we can achieved very little success in tackling the activities of pirates that is now a threat in the continent’s territorial waters.’’

 Ibrahim said the experience and cooperation between West Africa Navy in provision of security in the sub-region was shared with the delegates.

“I also have to tell the audience how Nigeria Navy on the request of the Benin Republic President, deployed troop to assist them in protecting their territorial water.

“Shipping is the hub of Benin Republic economy, whatever that happen there is just a matter of time before it robbed on Nigeria, so troop was deployed there three weeks ago.’’

 Ibrahim said that Southern African countries had a lot to learn from Nigeria Navy in the area of capacity building.

“Though Nigeria Navy is trying to recover, South Africa is recapitalising. As a leading Navy in the Southern African sub-region with modern ships, we can call it a modern Navy with all the equipments, but still they have a lot to learn from us.

“Nigeria break down walls to attain the leadership position in the sub-region. We have a history of helping our brothers. Also our activities in peace keeping mission is well applauded at the sub-region, in the continent and globally.

“So both in war and in peace, Nigeria Navy play important role globally, these have helped us to provide the needed security to our nation and our brothers in the sub-region.’’

The naval boss said that lawlessness in the Gulf of Eden facilitated the activities of the sea pirates.

“At the Gulf of Eden, where you have Kenya waters that run through Somalia and some other Southern African coast line, the challenges are different. Out there at the Gulf of Eden is a failed state that facilitates the activities of the sea pirates.

“There is nothing like that in West Africa. Nigerian Navy is there, Ghanaian Navy is also there. We are already cooperating with Benin Republic.

“We are cooperating with everybody, helping them develop their manpower and sometimes, providing equipment. That is not happening there at the Gulf of Eden.’’

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