Lagos Bakers Visit Lawmakers


The Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, Lagos branch, Tuesday afternoon visited Lagos lawmakers with a call on the legislators to help with a law that would help regulate their activities.

Members of the association were led on the visit by the state chairman of the association, Prince Jacob Adejorin.

According to the bakers, most bread brought into the state are not labelled and as such, it becomes difficult to know where such products are coming from should there be any health hazards.

“As a matter of urgency, we will want our lawmakers to look into the issue of improper packaging of bread that are being sold to the people of Lagos.

“We observed that most of the bread brought into Lagos State are not well packaged as directed by bakery authorities, hence bread vendors expose and sell such bread,” which the association claimed is not good for consumption.

The association said it would be happy if there could be a legislation against such acts.

They also lamented the intrusion of foreigners in the industry, saying that this had affected the growth of the business and had made many businesses close down. Many of the members, the association said, have resorted to riding commercial motorcycle known as okada.

“Again, we implore our legislators to please help us look into the issue of bread hawkers,” the association said, claiming that the hawkers have challenges too in getting to the residents.

It said the hawkers’ job has been taken over by those who sell along major roads and traffic hold-ups in the state.

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