Nigeria Needs More Promoters —Ajuwa


National Light Heavyweight champion, Sunday Ajuwa, has said that the only way Nigerian boxing can regain its lost glory is for more promoters to show interest in the sport.

The South Africa-based boxer said that “it is obvious that we don’t have enough boxing promoters in Nigeria. The only active promoter we have now is Remi Aboderin of Freels & Threels Promotions. The game needs more people to show interest in promoting in the country,” said Ajuwa.

The pugilist added that the dearth of boxing promotion is killing the sport since boxers do not have enough platform to showcase their talents.

“Boxers in Nigeria don’t have enough tourneys where they can express themselves. When you fight in January, you may have to wait till December before you can get another fight. That is how bad the situation is in the country,” said the hitman.

Comparing the state of boxing in Nigeria and South Africa, Ajuwa said the case is different in the Nelson Mandela’s country.

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“The two countries are incomparable because boxing in South Africa is far better than what we have in Nigeria. There are more promoters over there than in Nigeria,”said Ajuwa.

Asked why he is in Nigeria, the boxer said he is in the country to prepare for his coming International Boxing Federation, IBF, world title bout slated for 23 December in Namibia.

“I will be going for an IBF world title bout on 23 December in Namibia. That is why I am in Nigeria to prepare for the bout. The fight is important to me and I am ready to give every thing that I have into it,” said Ajuwa.

—Bimbo Ajayi

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