Lagos ACN Assures Lagosians On Growing Insecurity


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has re-assured Lagosians that the Lagos State government will guarantee their security and welfare, even with the worsening security crisis besetting the nation at present.

The party says the Fashola government is aware of the critical importance of the security of lives and property of Lagosians and is determined to ensure that necessary measures are put in place to protect the state and its teeming inhabitants.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party condemns the rising wave of insecurity in Nigeria and urges all to embrace peace as a sine-qua-non in ensuring the progress of a nation.

It condemns the lethargic attitude of the nation’s security agencies and said they have woefully failed in securing Nigerians from the rising threats of insurgent groups.

“We are aware of the serious danger Nigerians face in the rising incidences of insecurity, which have so completely overwhelmed our security agencies that Nigerians only await the next case. We are aware of the apprehension of Nigerians on when and where the next case of insecurity will come from. We want to let Lagosians know that the Lagos State government is fully aware of these challenges and is determined to ensure that Lagosians are not caught in the maze of the wildfire of insecurity threatening the country to its foundations at present.

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“We want to let Lagosians know the special place security occupies in the governance of Lagos at present and we want to remind them of the clinical manner the government approaches the security of lives and properties of Lagosians. We want to remind them of the way the Lagos State government cleaned out criminals in Lagos and restored the state to all Lagosians.

“We want to let Lagosians know that the present security challenge facing different parts of Nigeria has presented a direct challenge to the state government on how best to ensure the security breakdown does not extend to Lagos State.

“Lagos ACN wants to assure Lagosians that the government has put in place adequate measures to forestall any serious threat to Lagosians and we want all Lagosians to cooperate by vouchsafing information about any security threats to security agencies and be assured such information would be usefully employed to ensure adequate protection for all Lagosians. We want to assure all Lagosians that everything will be done to protect them from the present rising security threats.

“We are assuring Lagosians that there is a long history of ethnic harmony in Lagos and that all ethnic nationalities are living in peace in Lagos. We want to assure all ethnic nationalities that there is a mechanism to ensure that all ethnic groups and nationalities live in peace in Lagos. We want to state that Lagos State is secure and very peaceful and everything will be done to ensure that this endures. We want to urge Lagosians to be security conscious and report any development that may threaten the security of Lagos and its citizens to the relevant security agencies for quick and decisive action.”

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