We Are Vindicated, Lagos ACN Tells PDP


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), has said that the gale of revelations coming out from members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, has vindicated its position that the party was indulging in a puerile blackmail game after it woefully lost the recent local government election in Lagos.

The party, while insisting that PDP is dead in Lagos, advised PDP members in Lagos to free themselves from the bondage of thieving leaders, who are out to satisfy their personal greed.

In a release signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe, the party said Lagosians have demonstrated time and time again that the PDP, which has led a historical wreckage of Nigeria in thirteen years of unceasing waste laying, has no place in Lagos.

It said that revelations coming out from the party presently show that it exists on the type of blackmail with which they wanted to con out some local governments in the last election and will continue to fail with such plot.

“The revelation from Senator Ogunlewe that the national leadership of PDP released a hefty sum of N50 million for the local government election, which he claimed was misappropriated by the Bode George faction of the party, has vindicated our stand that the PDP is just a money sharing cabal that do not believe in the interest of Lagosians nor those of Nigerians.

“We, at Lagos ACN, were not fooled by the manner the Lagos PDP organises a syndicated demonstration against the conduct of the Lagos LG election when it became obvious it has lost the election. We were on record to state that what the PDP was doing was mere childish blackmail that will not be allowed to endure and we are happy that Ogunlewe’s statements have proved us right on the tactics of the PDP.

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“We are aware of the desperation of the body, right through their national leadership, to capture Lagos as an added cash cow to its national treasure cove. This was the reason its National Publicity Secretary quickly jumped into the fray to condemn the conduct of local government election when they are presiding over the worst cases of electoral roguery in all PDP states.

“We were on record to state that Lagos PDP collected hefty sums of money from its national body to capture Lagos and knowing its non existing strength, some of its leaders, who were so vociferous in mounting protests against the conduct of the polls, merely hared out the money and waited with already scripted wild claims to rubbish the election they stood no known chance of winning.

“With the manner the party shifted its claims on the number of councils it purportedly won, it was clear that the PDP was on a mere wild goose chase to impress its national leadership on the huge resources deployed for the election. With the manner they made the claims of their resurgent strength after it was terribly worsted in the INEC-organised general election of last April where it won no seat in Lagos.

“We state that the present altercation between leaders of Lagos PDP vindicates us on our insistence that PDP has no foothold in Lagos. We urge Lagos to continue to reject the PDP hemlock as they have been doing these past 13 years.

“Lagos ACN assures Lagosians that the present Lagos government will do everything to promote their welfare and interests. We want to assure them that the local governments in Lagos will be more responsive and effective to their needs and interests, even with the paucity of resources available to them. We thank Lagosians for their solidarity in the face of the syndicated provocations of political fortune hunters and we assure them of a better rewarding future for all.”

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