Ifeanyi Dike Offers Free Medical Check-Up To Nigerians


Ifeanyi Dike

Ifeanyi Dike
Nollywood act, Prince Ifeanyi Dike, who recently survived a kidney ailment, has offered free medical check-up to 20 Nigerian artistes.

Dike said that after his kidney-related ailment and transplant, coupled with the news of Nigerian stars including Enebeli Elebuwa, Segun Bucknor and others, suffering from one ailment or another, he has contacted three hospitals in India and have promised to give 20 Nigerians free medical advice.

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He said that Global Forteis and one other, through Prince Ifeanyi Dike Foundation, are willing to attend to the elderly stars at no cost, all that is required of them is to pay for their flight, accommodation and drugs if required, the rest, according to him, is free.

“Our problem is that we don’t do medical check-up on time, if we do as required, we won’t be having health problems, I am a living withness,” Dike told P.M.Entertainment.