'Celepretties' Out With New Video


Maryam Mustapha Celepretties

Maryam Mustapha and Amanda Omiachi also known as Celepretties have just released a new video entitled Why, featuring talented musician, Muno.

Maryam Mustapha and Amanda Omiachi a.k.a Celepretties

The duo, having found their love for music, decided  form a group in 2008 and their hard work and persistence have earned them few tracks among which are Throwing Bottles, produced by Drum Dealers and Roborobo.

Maryam Mustapha is a native of Osun State, while Amanda Omiachi hails from Kogi. They are school certificate holders and hoping to further their education after the release of the album next year.

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They are also looking forward to the release of another video before the end of this year.

—Abimbola Obatayo